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In Uncategorized on September 30, 2009 at 7:41 pm

Dear Readers,

Welcome to

This is my first time ever writing a blog and it’s something I never expected to do.  Life gives us opportunities we don’t expect though, and it is up to each of us to make the best of them.

The Universe has given me the unique opportunity to work with wonderful new friends I have made to expose Michael Louis Brittingham Sr. Please read the facts and learn about the man he actually is, in vivid contrast to the man he claims to be, online in NING groups and other social networking sites on the Internet.

When I “met” this man online, and we first began to correspond, I believed his claims and welcomed him into my life as a friend and an employer. The relationship that developed turned out to be a disaster for me. I learned of other people who have also endured negative consequences as a result of associating with this man. He takes money from people and much more. He interferes with the lives of people, preying upon them to use them for things he wants with no regard as to the misery he leaves in his wake.

If I was just one “disgruntled” woman, who had a personal conflict with another person, it would be ridiculous to go public with our dispute. I would walk away from a negative experience, feeling my time and energy would be better spent toward positive pursuits. That is not the case here.

I am writing this blog, and I’ve posted warnings online, because Michael Brittingham is actively preying upon people now. He is using internet sites to find contact and personal information about people so that he can approach them for money, airline tickets, travel expenses, living expenses, free labor and other things. He doesn’t even live in his own home, instead using other people to house him and provide for him. He offers nothing in return, taking from others as a parasite.

I did not find useful information about Brittingham when I researched him online prior to agreeing to work for him and allowing him entry into my home. Others reported the same thing; one friend even stated a lawyer had “checked him out” and couldn’t find anything negative about him. Lack of knowledge about him gave me a skewed perspective, only his own word of honor to go on, and I made a bad decision in associating with him.

This brings me to this new opportunity. Even though I found people on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean who had negative experiences with Michael Brittingham, no one else had been provided such a trove of evidence as the amount of proof I was able to collect. I also have a “survivor” mentality. I was not afraid to go forward with building the case necessary to report this man to the proper authorities, to finally put a stop to his predatory lifestyle. I was just a stepping stone, a small scam on the way to his big scam, the one he is working now. He stepped on the wrong small stone this time.

It is my goal to alert, inform and educate other people, so that they can make a better decision, when approached by this man, as to whether they want to give him money, shelter and assistance or not. With our information published, people now have better options to base their decision on, weighing in on the facts, the truth, and the recommendations of others he has dealt with in the past. If people want to work with this man after they have been informed of our discoveries about him, that is certainly a choice they can make. At least I will know I did my best to warn them, and that is the responsibility I feel has come to me as one who went before them, a person in the path of Michael Brittingham.

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