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A word of warning regarding Michael Louis Brittingham….

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A word of warning regarding Michael Louis Brittingham….

Michael Louis Brittingham posing as Muslim

Michael Louis Brittingham Sr. in recent picture he posted on facebook, using name Michael Muhammad Abdullah Brittingham

Michael Louis Brittingham, Sr.

Michael Louis Brittingham in picture he posted on facebook, posing as Muslim

Older picture of Michael Louis Brittingham that he has posted on multiple sites online

Michael Louis Brittingham claims to be an international entrepreneur and artist music producer with private equity, venture capital, partnership opportunities, government/private tender opportunities, country director/project opportunities, etc., in Zurich, Europe, and the US, when, in fact, sources have discovered he is/has none of the above.

What he does have, however, is five or more Rip Off Report complaints about him, as well as many complaints on other sites and a few pending lawsuits.

It appears Mr. Brittingham preys upon women, more specifically mothers and/or business women who are divorcees, widows, or simply single, by making grand offers of helping with their financial dilemmas, careers, children’s careers, and more, by promising employment, partnerships, residency programs, recording contracts, and/or financial relief, after which he asks to stay at their home and requests they either pay for his air fare, provide him transportation, wire money, etc. Victims have filed reports and made statements.

Mr. Brittingham travels about the globe at the expense of unsuspecting women and men, using them until they are completely depleted or become suspicious, for which he then moves on to the next victim. He is a man who has no money, residence, bank account, car, or credit card.

His only business references are in conjunction with internet sites he concocted and named himself president of, via your site, Ning, Xing, Myspace, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, to date, in order to find potential candidates to provide hospitality or financial means for his own personal endeavors.

With regards to the Michael Jackson Museum at Pickfair, Mr. Brittingham does not have the endorsement of the Jackson family or any representative of the Jackson family for this proposed museum he is soliciting investors for.

As an advocate for one of the victims, my best advice is: Steer clear of Mr. Michael Louis Brittingham and any projects he proclaims to be associated with.

Angela Johnson
Victims Advocate


Michael Brittingham is now calling himself “Michael Muhammad Abdullah Brittingham”, and he is pretending to be a Muslim. Since he has left a trail of crimes and has been reported to police in Europe and America, he is now trying to worm his way into the middle east, and get people to fund him moving into Dubai. I suppose he thinks he is unknown in that area, and in that language, but his past lying and theft will follow him.

We have learned he now claims that he was born in Yemen and is returning to his homeland to open a Michael Jackson Museum in Dubai. He says he is a good Muslim, a rich, successful businessman. He claims to own real estate and be a big real estate developer.

None of this is true. He is an American Citizen, born in New York. He has never been to the Middle East. He stated online previously that he was a conservative Republican. He has a criminal record. He has no home, owns no property, has no car, no money, no credit cards. It is not a crime to be poor and have no money. It is a fraud to claim to be wealthy to use people, promise them all kinds of things that can’t be delivered in order to get people to provide living expenses, clothing, shelter, travel expenses and other valuable things under false pretenses. It is fraud to claim fake credentials to enter into business agreements with people and take their money as investors in a project, then use it for his own personal gain and lifestyle.

He has a site on Facebook wearing the middle eastern clothing. I have heard from a number of people that he has been scamming. If he has approached you to invest in this Michael Jackson Museum in Dubai, please realize that this is all a scheme in his imagination, it is not real. If you loan or give this man money, you will never see it again, or get any value from it. Beware!

Michael Brittingham deliberately built a false persona on the internet in order to live on others as a parasite, taking from them, duping, lying, scamming them, to benefit himself while those associating with him only lose from the experience.

You can’t expect to get paid if you work for this man, or repaid any money he borrows from you. So many people I have met have had bad experiences dealing with this man.

In these other web sites, Michael Brittingham appears to be a philanthropist, raising funds for charity, but it is all a fraud to make him appear to be a good man. He actually does nothing to help anyone but himself. All his pictures are just taken from the internet, and he builds these sites to promote himself and his fraudulent persona online.

This are links he has posted on this facebook site, and here is the address of it:
“Michael Muhammad Abdullah Brittingham”!/photo.php?pid=85383&id=100000728842200

MICHAEL BRITTINGHAM, Entrepreneur, poet, artist, painter and Master of life, love and laughter!

Sarah Dees