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Brittingham Rips Off Artist October 12, 2009


Michael Brittingham self-published his poem book, “I am Deep Inside of You,” online illegally, without paying Danielle Libine, the artist who designed it, for the work she did for him. She worked on the book back in April and she’s gone to great lengths to be paid for this job. She wrote a statement to Brittingham that clearly stated he was not allowed to publish the book as she created it without paying her. That was theft of her work.

The artist writes, “A man who presents himself as an international investor, business man and president of an exclusive business club cannot pay my small 660 EUR bill? He can’t be serious, right!?”

Although he acknowledges she did a good job and he owes her the money, he blamed Michael Jackson’s death for not paying her. He said he couldn’t pay her because of Michael Jackson’s funeral, but he didn’t go to the funeral or to the memorial service. This is just another example of him using MJ’s good name in a fraudulent way.

Libine reported Brittingham’s deliberate theft of her work and violation of the copyright law to Lulu, the internet book publishing web site that Brittingham used, and they promptly removed the option of purchasing the book.

Prior to publishing the book, he posted this announcement in “The Michael Jackson Museum Club”

“I am releasing my epic poem for sale worldwide, this week – October 12, which will upgrade my own abilty to come to California, set-up the infrastructure, do the face-to-face meetings, and get this project onto a solid, transparent foundation.”

“Artist, Poet and entrepreneur Michael Brittingham™, has released his new epic poem; I am deep inside of you… for worldwide sale, and is dedicating it to Barack Obama in support of his deserving to be the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Preview and buy here:”

Using the name of our President to attach to his book to gain hits on the internet is just pathetic. He listed President Obama’s name as a Keyword, although our President has nothing to do with this book. Brittingham is just using this honorable man’s good name for his dishonorable intentions. A thoughtful dedication written inside the book cover to honor the President would have been nice. Boasting of this dedication in the announcement and using President Obama’s name as a keyword to get hits is just self-serving and arrogant.

I read this poem when Brittingham showed me the proofs of this book, while he was staying in my home, from August 4th to August 27th, 2009. In my opinion, the poem is lame.

By using some nice life drawings to illustrate his poem, he dragged one poem out to a small book length. He did not create the illustrations in this book himself. Where is credit given to the illustrator? I don’t see her name anywhere, not on the front or back covers. By listing himself first as “Artist” he makes it appear that he created the paintings. Another artist being ripped off?

More information about this story is available at these links:

Note: Danielle Libine is incredibly talented, and her skill in design made even this poem look good. She is smart and thoughtful, and she has a generous, kind heart. She never made me feel judged as a fool, or considered me as stupid for being taken in by Brittingham. We both felt that there was not adequate information about him online that was truthful, and that his grandiose claims needed to be questioned to give people cause to think before engaging in a business deal with him, as we did.

I have come to know Mrs. Libine well during our investigation of Michael Brittingham. I “met” her when she was trying to track him down to seek payment for her work. When she found the second “tweet” warning I posted about this man, she contacted me. Ms. Libine was shocked and concerned when she learned of Brittingham’s abuse of me. Upon investigating him further, she learned of other struggling artists and musicians he had treated dishonestly and ripped off. She worked with me on this “campaign for truth” and posted the information about him not paying her, not just because he owes her money, because she is not petty at all, but because of the principle behind this issue.

Ms. Libine is a champion for those of us she knows have been wronged. She is standing up for integrity, honesty, and internet networking safety. She is supporting those of us who have few resources of our own. I am so honored to call her my friend. A person in her position might easily think only of herself, and walk away from this situation without a second thought. Ms. Libine devoted many hours of her time to investigating this man, and by posting the information we have uncovered, she has truly performed a public service. She helped create the “red flags” on the internet with me, that will now help alert people that Brittingham approaches. If people choose to work with him now, at least with our reports posted online, they can make that choice more fully informed, with eyes wide open.


NOVEMBER 1: Brittingham is big on press releases. He has learned that he can write whatever he wants in a press release. Press Release Services make no claims as to the truth of content. He has just posted a new one about this poem he is publishing, dedicating it not just to President Obama now, but also to MIchael Jackson.

Apparently it takes two great men to be in the company of one narcissistic Michael Brittingham. He is alternately ranting about me, posting letters of outrageous lies, and calling himself “the spiritual brother of Michael Jackson.” Amazing that Brittingham doesn’t even see the contradiction in his own statements.

Thinking that people will believe anything he writes and posts on the internet as fact, for a while this man got away with living at the expense of people he found through the internet. He did scam quite a few people before we started going public with the information about the way this man has been living. What goes around comes around though, and it’s time the truth of this man’s life is told. I am his target because I took a leadership role in this effort, but many other good people have joined me in standing against this man’s fraudulent internet activities. Now that people are posting the truth about this man’s character and rip off lifestyle, I think it will be much more difficult for him to dupe innocent people. He vastly underestimates the intelligence of people. I think the more he tries to make himself bigger by declaring himself “controversial”, the more people will just see through all of his bluster and assess him for the broke little man he is, not the “Master”, the “successful entrepreneur” he has professed to be. All you have to do is look at the links I have posted in this site of the many press releases for “projects” of his that have come to absolutely nothing.

The undisputed fact remains that he never paid Danielle Libine for the work she did for him on this book. He went back and tried to design the book himself and publish it, although she deserved to be paid for the work she did, which he tried to use without her permission. I think Michael Jackson’s true fans would have no tolerance for a man who calls himself MJ’s spiritual brother, yet who publishes lies about a single mother-artist cancer survivor after already having ripped her off. This man cheats people and doesn’t pay them money he owes them for work they’ve done for him. He has taken money from people through deceit he clearly never intended to repay. The damage he does to lives is much worse than just the loss of money though. What he has proved without a shadow of a doubt is that he abuses the trust that people have placed in him. No wise person would ever put themselves in the position of trusting an individual who has certainly shown he cannot be trusted.


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