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Michael Louis Brittingham claims to be an international entrepreneur and artist music producer with private equity, venture capital, partnership opportunities, government/private tender opportunities, country director/project opportunities, etc., in Zurich, Europe, and the US, when, in fact, sources have revealed he is/has none of the above.

What he does have, however, is five or more Rip Off Report complaints about him (go to the ripoffreport site and search Michael Brittingham), as well as many complaints on other sites, and a few pending lawsuits, as well as a cases filed with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, and the National White Collar Crime Center).

Mr. Brittingham preys upon women, more specifically mothers and/or business women who are divorcees, widows, or simply single, by making grand offers of helping with their financial dilemmas, careers, children’s careers, and more, by promising employment, partnerships, residency programs, recording contracts, and/or financial relief, after which he asks to stay at their home and requests they either pay for his air fare, provide him transportation, wire money, etc. Victims have filed reports and made statements. These reports are private and confidential, but nevertheless, real.

Sadly, when these women tried to contact him or requested to be repaid, he turned on them and called them witches, liars, and went on to accuse them of defaming him, attacking him, when, in fact, it was the parties he was accusing who were the victims. Again, this was another ploy to offset the viewer from the truth and get them focused on a whole different scenario, as well as an attempt to gain sympathy and more support.

What is important is that all of the women have concrete proof (receipts, emails, and more), which is something Mr. Brittingham cannot excuse away accept to say they are trying to “ruin” his attempts to be an angel and savior.

Mr. Brittingham travels about the globe at the expense of unsuspecting women and men, using them until they are completely depleted or become suspicious, for which he then moves on to the next victim. He is a man who has no money, residence, bank account, car, or credit card.

His only business references are in conjunction with internet sites he created and named himself president of in order to find potential candidates to provide hospitality or financial means for his own personal endeavors. In addition, he regularly throws around names like Michael Jackson, President Obama, and other well known/famous people in order to make himself look like he is ‘connected’, when, in fact, he is not. He paints a very impressive picture and tells a very convincing story, and it’s hard not to believe he is not this person that he says he is, that is, until you do a little homework, and dig a little deeper.

The reality is, when the contacts he named were contacted, they responded saying there had never heard of him. It’s easy to pretend to be anything on the internet, but if you have nothing to back it up, you will get caught, as in the case of Michael Louis Brittingham. Unfortunately, he left quite a few victims in his wake, now less money and their faith in their fellow man.

Mr. Brittingham’s latest endeavor, “The Michael Jackson Museum Project”, is yet another scam he uses in an attempt to gain popularity and validity so to perpetuate a means to solicit money for his personal needs, debts, traveling costs, hotels, food, cigarettes, etc. from unsuspecting folks. Though he states he is not asking for any money from anyone, what he fails to realize is contacting people about his project and promising them involvement and then asking them to pay his airfare, hotel, or to simply wire him money, IS asking for money. The proof is real and tangible, and will not be ignored.

His latest campaign- (quote from Michael Jackson Museum Project- Myspace)
“ENOUGH IS FREAKIN’ ENOUGH!” The concept of the freedom of speech does not mean freedom to humiliate, defame and disparage! The noble notion of the freedom of speech cannot be used as an excuse for unethical behavior. We all can acknowledge that a fierce war is waging – a terrible conflict which has continued unabated since the fall of Michael Jackson on June 25th. Good and evil constantly do battle. Now – I have decided to form Michael’s Angels! and ‘go to war’ and DO something about this! Are you with us? Do you want to join us and get engaged? Message me in here! Let me know – Let’s DO this!”

The fact is, Mr. Brittingham does not have the endorsement of the Jackson family or any representative of the Jackson family for this proposed museum.

In addition, THERE IS NO WAR. In fact, it has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Mr. Brittingham is using this as a distraction to get viewers off track and away from the real issue at hand- HIM, and his illegal and criminal actions.

Beware of this man. He plays the victim quite well, and portrays himself like that of a saint- An angel who will take all your worries away. He is with you. Everything will be fine!

“Exposed” is an online victims advocate program designed to keep the public alerted to possible scams, frauds, and internet predators.



Questionable Ning Members and Networks
Scams, fraud alerts, internet predators, questionable sites/profiles/projects

***The following information is based on facts regarding the questionable business practices of Ning member, Michael Louis Brittingham, and the Michael Jackson Museum Project.
I filed a report with the local authorities and was referred to the FBI Internet Crime Division. I have a case # and Mr. Brittingham is under investigation pending possible charges****

Michael Louis Brittingham approached me, unsolicited, through the internet, inviting me to join his clubs, etc. He presented himself as a very influential, international, 51 year old businessman, who, in fact, was in charge of multi-million dollar real estate deals/projects, a friend of Michael Jackson’s family and his attorney, John Branca, and a high profile music manager of several artists, with big name contacts throughout the industry.

He expressed a passionate interest in my works, after which he began to send me messages filled with gracious compliments, as well as declarations of great things he could make happen for me. (Emails on file). He offered to further publish me, and wanted to represent me then told me he wanted me to be his partner in his Michael Jackson Museum Project as well as a music label he was going to start in Miami. I told him I did not need any help with publishing or representation, and though I was a lifelong adoring fan of Michael Jackson and all his works, I wasn’t sure about becoming his partner. Mr. Brittingham then inquired about my son, who is a young, up and coming musician and a great fan of Michael Jackson as well. When Mr. Brittingham learned my son had written a beautiful tribute song for Michael Jackson, he asked for me to have my son perform the song for him on Skype, after which Mr. Brittingham stated he wanted to manage my son, and emailed a music manager contract, recommending I have an attorney review it. Naturally, I did, at an exuberant cost, of course.

Shortly after, Mr. Brittingham contacted me to tell me he was coming to the US and would be staying in Pinellas Park, Florida, with his business associate/partner, Sarah Dees. He went on to say that she was dying of cancer and he was going to take possession of her home in exchange for adopting her daughter and seeing to the daughter’s career as an artist. Mr. Brittingham then added that he wanted to meet me and my son in person while in the States as he would be near us. That seemed practical, especially since he might be representing my son. However, when I received an email from him a few days later, telling me to book and then pay for a $1,300+ roundtrip airline ticket from Switzerland to the US for him, I became concerned.

I expressed I did not feel this was appropriate, nor did I have the funds available, but he assured me if I put it on my credit card, he would pay me back before the next statement. (Email on file).

Mr. Brittingham continued to assure me that I had nothing to worry about, seeing he was a man of great means and handled multi-million dollars negotiations, and worked with the ‘big boys’.

However, this was not the end of it. After I booked and paid for Mr. Brittingham’s flight, he then asked if he could stay at my home/ sleep on my couch, for one night.
I said no to his request, after which Mr. Brittingham asked me to find, book, and he would pay for a hotel one night stay in my area,. In addition, he asked me to pick him up at the airport, and when I told him I couldn’t because my car was in the shop for repairs, he asked if I would arrange for a shuttle to transport him from the airport to the hotel, stating he didn’t have a credit card and asked me if I could cover the cost and he would reimburse me as soon as he arrived.

Trusting his credentials and word, I did as instructed. After all, how could a man who was in charge of so many multi-million dollar projects, who was an artist, music manager, traveled around the world, and had so many sites on the internet, not be able to pay me back?

I booked his hotel and paid for his shuttle. When Mr. Brittingham arrived, he stated he had no money due to troubles with customs in Europe and thousand of dollars in fines he had pay instantly, which he said depleted him of all of his cash. He assured me he would pay me back for the hotel cost as well, in addition to his flight fare and shuttle.

My son and I met with Mr. Brittingham for a few hours after he flew in and arrived at the hotel I had booked and paid for, by means of the shuttle I had booked and paid for. Mr. Brittingham was dressed for success in an expensive 3 piece suit and looked like he just came off a shooting for the cover of Forbes Magazine.

Mr. Brittingham then proceeded to inform me that he needed to go to Sarah Dees house in Pinellas Park the next day, where he was planning to stay for a month, during which he would be discussing a partnership agreement with a big record label he failed to mention the name of, after which he would bring all the artists he was managing together in a recording studio to first re-record a song he said he wrote called “If You Wanna Rap”.

Mr. Brittingham asked if I would pick him up at the hotel in the morning and take him to the bus station to catch a bus to Pinellas Park.

The next morning I did as he requested. It was then Mr. Brittingham informed he had asked his business associate/partner in Germany, Birgit Friedsburg, to wire him $100 for expenses and bus fare, but that it wouldn’t be here in time. I then lent Mr. Brittingham an additional $80 to cover his bus fare.

Before he left, he told me not to tell anyone about my paying for his flight, shuttle, bus fare, etc.

After Mr. Brittingham arrived at Sarah Dees home in Pinellas Park, Florida, I had my attorney email Mr. Brittingham the changes he suggested to the manager contract had emailed me. Mr. Brittingham agreed to the changes, signed the contract, and mailed it back to me from the house he was staying at in Pinellas Park. Sarah Dees witnessed his signature.
(Contract and postage cover on file)

Two or three weeks later, Mr. Brittingham called me from Ms. Dees home in Pinellas Park one afternoon and told me he was having problems staying there. He said he was not able to work from her home and needed to find another place to stay. He also mentioned that he had been to her bank to discuss her home loan and that there was not enough equity in the home and the mortgage was far more than he had thought.

The next time I heard from Mr. Brittingham was a week later, when I received an email from him saying he had flown to Germany to take care of some other business dealing and that he would be in touch. He directed me to take my son into a studio and have him record a piano bed to his “If You Wanna Rap” song.
I did as instructed, for more additional costs.

Weeks went by. I stopped hearing from Mr. Brittingham. In the meantime, I learned that several people were coming forward and complaining they had been scammed by Mr. Brittingham. I discovered there were police reports being filed, as well as site complaints and several ripoff reports.

The amount of people coming forward was surprising, and soon I began to see that I was not the only one Mr. Brittingham was borrowing money from or making questionable propositions/proposals to. I immediately became very concerned about the validity of my son’s music contract and the money Mr. Brittingham had borrowed, especially since I had learned Mr. Brittingham did not have a legitimate physical business address or telephone.

At the same time, I was contacted by one of the other musicians Mr. Brittingham was requesting to manage, who expressed concern about his validity as well. She decided he was not legitimate and therefore broke ties with him.

One thing was clear- Mr. Brittingham was avoiding me, not to mention, using his previous business associates unveiling of his questionable business ethics and practices as a reason to skirt the subject regarding the money he owed me.
I continued to try to contact Mr. Brittingham, only receiving one response, where he informed me he had deleted his myspace because he was having problems and he didn’t trust anyone anymore then went on to say he wasn’t sure he could trust me since I spoken to Sarah Dees. He referred to his former business contacts/associates as perpetrators who were out to get him, and stated that they were all lying.
Again, he avoided the subject of the money he owed me.

Regardless, I kept hoping Mr. Brittingham would step up to the plate and validate his proclaimed contacts, proposals, projects, previous business dealings, and more, all of which were now appearing to be fake.

Mr. Brittingham did not.
Instead he began starting crusades about MJ haters and internet defamation -attacking his prior business associates/contacts and portraying himself as a victim.

To date:

I wrote to Mr. Brittingham in November of 2009, through his new myspace, the Michael Jackson Museum Project Club, after emailing him and asking him about the money he owed me and not receiving a response.

I received a message back from someone calling themselves, “Admin”, who proceeded to inform me in improper English, grammar, and spelling, that Mr. Brittingham would not be addressing my concerns until all of his matters with his ‘perpetrators’ were cleared up. That people were hacking his accounts and slandering him.

I didn’t understand what this had to do with me or the money he owed me. The message made no sense, nor was relevant to the question.

I responded that my integrity was not at question and Mr. Brittingham’s issues/problems with others had nothing to do with his business dealings with me, and that any further contact with me should just be to pay me back.

My son and I are not disgruntled artists, which I see Mr. Brittingham has labeled his former partners/associates, nor did we approach or ask for Mr. Brittingham’s help or intervention. My statement can all be backed up with official emails and documents from Mr. Brittingham.

In closing, if Mr. Brittingham follows through on his promise to pay me back, I will be happy to post it.


I am Sarah Dees, the artist mentioned in this account. I corroborate everything stated here. This story is factual and true. My heart aches for this lovely woman because of the suffering she endured as a result of her association with Michael Brittingham.

After carefully vetting this man’s background with the help of a lawyer, she only meant to enter into a business relationship to support her son’s career, handling herself professionally, and with integrity. She is an honest soul, and she was abused by an incredibly deceitful person. It was a cruel deed for him to deliberately steal from her, in the full knowledge of her situation.

It is not just the money lost that is at issue here. This man lied to her and abused her trust, deliberately betraying her, although he knew that she was already struggling with some serious issues. Letters he wrote prove that he clearly knew that she was in no position to pay these expenses for him. He told her that he would not ask her for money, but then he pressured her, cajoled, manipulated and tricked her to get what he wanted from her, with absolutely no remorse shown for doing this. The only reason she agreed to pay for these things was because of his repeated assurances, in writing, that he would pay her back promptly, and because of his insistence that it was necessary for her to do this in order to go forward with a business deal that would help her son. He has made no effort to repay her, and further, takes no responsibility for what he did. He scammed her because he was never in a position of being able to fulfill any of the promises he made to her.

We must speak out, because this was not just a one-time event. We have ample proof that Michael Brittingham is a fraud, a man who has invented a false persona online to gain the confidence of people.

He writes in accusations toward us that “anybody can write anything on the internet and people will read it as if it might be true” . He knows this, because he makes a pattern of preying upon unsuspecting people as a professional con man. He lives a lifestyle as a full time internet predator.

He is actively promoting an internet scam right now. This man’s lies will catch up to him eventually, but until law enforcement can stop him and bring him to justice, we must use the internet, the favorite tool of the scammer, to identify such dishonest people. Police tell us that in the case of these cyber criminals, speaking out online ourselves is the public’s first line of defense. Although he threatens libel and defamation suits against us, the fact remains that we have ample evidence of the facts we have presented and we speak the truth. There is a growing list of people he has hurt who are coming forward now to tell of their negative experiences with this man.


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