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Michael Brittingham – Update 2011

Golfers Beware! People in Rochester, New York, Beware!

This is an important warning about international internet predator, Michael Louis Brittingham (Sr.). Other names he is using recently:
Michael Mohammed Abdullah Brittingham or
Michael Mohammed Abdallah Brittingham
Mike Brittingham on Twitter
Michael Louis Brittingham, Sr.

Michael Louis Brittingham, Sr. is a known internet predator and scammer, a professional fraud. He has several new schemes he is operating in 2011. He is seeking out golfers to involve in it. He goes after men, but especially seeks out women. He is also seeking out investors in real estate projects. He claims to be a real estate professional, a developer. He has no real experience in real estate and no credentials at all except the ones he made up himself.

He is once again building new scams, posting fake web sites. He claims to be building another museum. Everything he presents himself to be on these new fake web sites is false.

He has a history of presenting himself as a big real estate investor. He has claimed to be a successful music producer, “the world’s most expensive living artist”, and other personas, usually a CEO or President of official-sounding organizations he invents.

This is how he preys upon people.

He lives by using people. He finds out personal and contact information from social networking sites online when people join his internet communities. He finds out what people want and need. He comes on as a great friend and philanthropist. Then he will take everything he can get.

He develops elaborate proposals from items gleaned from the internet, uses pictures he takes from the internet, posts “press releases” on PR Web, builds fake web sites, and convinces people to “invest” in his plans. He then uses their money to finance his personal living expenses, buy his clothing, pay for his travel expenses, etc.

Do not “invest” any money with this man, loan him money, or give him any money. You will never see it again.

At present, he is advertising job opportunities in his fake The American Museum of Religion that doesn’t exist, and never will exist. The jobs he writes of in this museum are non-existent. He is using the exact same tactics he used when he dragged me and other professional women artists into his fake “Artist in Residence” program (scam) two years ago, when he claimed to be buying castles in Switzerland and other locations in Europe to renovate and develop as vacation resorts.

Do not apply for any jobs or internships, fellowships, or anything from this man, for any of his fake projects. Not only will you be wasting your time applying for these fake jobs, you will be giving him your contact information and personal information, which he can then use against you. When you open your life to this man, he will seek some way to take whatever he can get from you.

He has been reported to law enforcement in four countries, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. He has been reported to the IC3- the Internet Crime Complaint Center. He spent several years in a Muslim prison. He has a long history of illegal and immoral activity in Europe and in America.

He has recently been reported operating in and around Rochester, New York. He now claims he has a new woman “investor” who is supposedly financing his latest golf club scheme. I doubt she knows the truth of this man’s operating methods. He has leased an apartment in Rochester, no doubt at her expense, as he has no resources of his own. Until he is caught and put behind bars, both golfers and golf club owners, all people need to be aware of this man.

He has been making appointments with real estate people, claiming he is buying golf courses, or has some proposal to include golf courses in a network he claims to be President of. He invented a “Rochester Historical Commission” and has named himself President of it. Now it appears he has invented another fake organization called the Rochester Preservation Society.

The fake real estate site is Brittingham Properties. This is a joke. Brittingham has no properties. He does not even have one property. He doesn’t own anything, not even his own home. He does not own a car or have a driver’s license, or a credit card. He has no credentials except the fake ones he continues to post online in his fake web sites.

In the past, he also named himself President of “The American Business Club”, which is just another one of his internet sites online, not any kind of real organization. When I met him, he was doing business illegally in Switzerland using this company name and the mailing address of another man’s apartment.

He created some web sites for golf membership clubs that look official and legitimate.

These are the fake organizations that are Brittingham’s new personal web sites:

Brittingham Properties™

Rochester Preservation Society™

American Museum of Religion™

American Country Club™

Ladies Golf Club of America™

This is the web site where he lists all these sites and more.
Michael Brittingham

Michael Brittingham™
By Appointment Only
Rochester, NY 14608
United States
ph: 1.800.783.5230
fax: 1.800.783.5230

Rochester Preservation Society Inc.
By Appointment Only
Rochester, NY 14608
United States
ph: 1-800-783-5230
fax: 1-800-783-5230

Britt Props on Twitter
@BrittProps Rochester, NY
Brittingham Properties LLC is preserving and protecting the best of Rochester, New York’s architectural heritage.!/BrittProps
Brittingham Properties LLC
By Appointment Only
Rochester, NY 14608
United States
ph: 1-800-783-5230
fax: 1-800-783-5230

The American Museum of Religion™
Contact or fax Heidi Casey (Director of Public Relations) at Toll Free, USA & Canada 1-800-783-5230 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting
end_of_the_skype_highlighting for more information.

The American Country Club™

The Ladies Golf Club of America™

On Twitter:
Ladies’ Golf Club
@LGCOA Wilmington, DE
Quite simply, we have thought about it, read all of the research reports, listened to our own counsel & decided to develop The Ultimate Golf Facility For Women!

on Go Big Network:
Role(s): Startup
Location: Roswell, GA
Startup Company: Ladies’ Golf Club of America
Title: Founder/Owner/Principal
Location: Roswell, GA

On People Pond:
On About Me:

“Michael Muhammad Abdullah Brittingham”!/photo.php?pid=85383&id=100000728842200

He is now on Linked in Here:
Michael Brittingham

His last (unsuccessful) scam involved him creating a museum for the late Michael Jackson’s memorabilia. He tried to set himself up as Director of this museum in a Beverly Hills, California, mansion called Pickfair. You can still find his fake Press Releases about this on PR WEb. He tried to get investors to start it in Dubai, but the Arab people learned about him and they backed out. He swindled money out of people in the name of developing this museum, but then recently began to operate this latest golf scam out of the Rochester, NY., area.

I would appreciate your help to alert the golfing community, to protect your friends and associates. Please warn anyone who might be considering investing any money or working for this man.

There is so much more we know about this man’s criminal and immoral activities that we are not posting in public. All we are posting here is the information he himself posted as public links, which you can check for yourself.

Recent picture Michael Brittingham posted of himself online

Michael Louis Brittingham, Sr., Old picture he posted online before he took on Muslim identity

This new stuff he posted on Linked In is dated January 2011.

Michael Brittingham, President/Managing Director at Rochester Historical Preservation Foundation, Inc.

His usual ploy: make the web sites look official, use the name “American” in it, like his “American Business Club”, and people will believe it’s true.

This is the information from the web site he says he is president of, Rochester Historical Preservation Foundation, Inc.
Rochester Historical Commission
City of Rochester
400 Sixth Street
Rochester, Michigan 48307
Phone: (248) 651-9061

Before he started this new golf course scheme, in 2010, we heard he was trying to establish his Michael Jackson museum in Dubai and was proclaiming himself a Muslim from Qatar. Quite a change from the previous persona he established online as a conservative Christian from New York City. He actually is an American citizen, and he was born in New York City.

We have confirmed evidence that he has been scamming people, mostly women, since he was a young man.

Brittingham writes press releases on PR Web, one of his favorite sites, as they never verify information and take no responsibility for any content posted on their site. He has said that he “can write anything he wants on the internet, and if people see it often enough, in enough places, they will think it is true.”

If you ask yourself why this man needs so many sites, so many “Official Communities of Life, Love and Laughter”, remember that the people he brings into these sites are all his potential victims. This is how he trolls for fresh people to use. When people post their personal and contact information on these sites, he finds out things about them that he can use. He finds out what they need and want. He appears as a caring friend, promising to provide the very things they need. Then, he proceeds to take all he can from them.

Michael Jackson Museum™ Supporters on Facebook ( Grand total of 2 supporters on this page, which in Brittingham’s mind is thousands )!/apps/application.php?id=330626220775

International entrepreneur Michael Brittingham™, announces the proposed formation of the Michael Jackson Museum Foundation© to be headquartered in the UAE, proposing to purchase the most appropriate property in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

The formation of a co-development group to create and maintain the Michael Jackson Museum™ in Dubai, Doha, Qatar or Abu Dhabi. Mr. Brittingham™ is currently sourcing the most appropriate, and qualified Co-Developer, and prospective board members to form a strategic partnership, and maximise the potential of the proposed Michael Jackson Museum™’s effectiveness.This museum project is a Shariah Compliant commercial enterprise, administered by a non-commercial museum foundation. Are you with us? NOTE: We absolutely DO NOT solicit nor do we accept donations or contributions of any kind. No ifs, ands or buts!

Press Release written by Michael Brittingham:
NY Muslim Developer/Poet Releases Book of Poems for American Women; Money Will Build Museum of Religion & Ladies’ Golf Club Course

Another Press Release written by Michael Brittingham:
NY Muslim Developer/Poet Releases Book of Poems for American Women; Money Will Build Museum of Religion & Ladies’ Golf Club Course

MICHAEL, MICHAEL, WHERE ARE YOU? NOW THAT YOU’VE GONE, WHAT ARE WE TO DO?!/topic.php?uid=330626220775&topic=14681
Michael Brittingham
This is dedicated… To the one I love! May Michael Jackson forever rest in peace!
This epic poem… is written for the friends and lovers of
the late Michael Joseph Jackson. 1958-2009

“I have dedicated this poem to my spiritual brother: Michael Jackson.
This is an outward, visible expression of an inward, invisible reality!”

Michael Brittingham Dedicates Release of New MJ Book to Proposed Michael Jackson Museum Project

Michael Jackson Museum Project on My Space

The Michael Brittingham Community
Michael Brittingham’s Official Community of Life, Love and Laughter!

The Michael Brittingham Community
Michael Brittingham’s Official Community of Life, Love and Laughter!
ph: 1-215-975-6113
fax: 1-215-975-6113

Michael Brittingham on Scribd

Michael Brittingham’s Official Community of Life, Love and Laughter!
If you want to know the meaning of Michael Brittingham, I can only teach about love… for that is all that I am, Love is a single soul, inhabiting more than one body, A proof that my experience is of some use to everybody.
Sans crainte, qui veut peut.
Without fear, he who will… can.
Michael Brittingham knows exactly who he is, how he got this way, what he wants, how to get it, and most of all… he knows that life, love and laughter … plus common-interest-cooperation… are the keys that open every door!

Who We Are
Brittingham’s personal story and poetry reverberates because it comprises large doses of both struggle and transformation, life, love and laughter. Brittingham’s story captures the boundless possibilities that life holds, despite the struggle and the hurdles, an idea that resonates for every man and woman.
“I am complicated. Just when you think you know me… I give you more.”
ph: 1-215-975-6113
fax: 1-215-975-6113

Michael Brittingham writes:
Who IS Michael Muhammad Abdallah Brittingham?
Entrepreneur, poet, artist, painter and…
Master of life, love and laughter!

Brittingham’s personal story and poetry reverberates because it comprises large doses of both struggle and transformation, life, love and laughter. Brittingham’s story captures the boundless possibilities that life holds, despite the struggle and the hurdles… an idea that resonates for every man and woman.

You’ve got to admit this is funny, his struggle and transformations. Yes, he seems to transform from one fraudulent personality and scam to another.

Michael Brittingham Dedicates Release of New Epic Poem to Michael Jackson and Barack Obama

Q: Who is Michael Brittingham?
A: I am complicated. Just when you think you know me… I give you more.
Michael, Michael – Where are you?

She is a woman…
The first chapter of The First Book of Poems by Michael Brittingham: By Special Appointment to Her Majesty the Woman

MB Fan Club

American Business Club Group LLC – Michael Louis Brittingham

Michael Brittingham Dedicates Release of New MJ Book to Proposed Michael Jackson Museum Project

On the Huffington Post, he writes that he is establishing this museum in Albany, NY. as the most perfect place. Prior to that, he proclaimed the Michael Jackson Museum had to be established in the only proper place for it, Pickfair Mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

He declared himself “controversial” after our reports began to be published on Rip-off Report, and our blogs were getting attention, and getting his profiles kicked off other web sites. He attached his book to not only Michael Jackson, but Barack Obama, to take advantage of the famous key word and internet search engines ranking of the name of our President.

Michael Brittingham Dedicates Release of New Epic Poem to Michael Jackson and Barack Obama

He writes:
“Mr. Brittingham, is already a somewhat controversial figure after announcing in September, the proposed formation of the Michael Jackson™ Museum Foundation© to purchase a historic property in Beverly Hills, California, and to secure permissions from the Jackson family, the executors of The Michael Jackson Estate™, the City of Beverly Hills, and the court, to house The Michael Jackson Collection and Memorabilia™. ”

His comments on the Huffington Post:
Commented Aug 16, 2010 at 17:12:14 in Politics
“There IS an innovative alternativ­e to the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ issue with a memorial to ALL who died on Sept. 11, 2001. Americans familiar with the principles upon which this country stands & defends, know that while yes, one has a ‘right’ to do what they wish on their own property, that does NOT give them the ‘right’ to be insensitiv­e to their ‘neighbors­’ core values & principles­. The ‘project’ was ill-concei­ved, naively promoted, not well-thoug­ht-out from a ROI point of view, & executed without due considerat­ion for the sensitivit­ies of those who have also to deal with its presence.

I have a concrete plan to purchase The ‘Kenwood Convent’ in Albany, NY,
Link: https://ww­w.yousendi­­load/aHlSS­lIySytsamM­wTVE9PQ
and develop a cultural & religious museum, within a compound complex that contains:

1) an Islamic (Sunni) Masjid, 2) a Christian Chapel, a Center for Research & Islamic Studies, 3) a Center for Jewish Research & Christian Studies, and 4) a Memorial to be erected on the front lawn to honor all of those who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

View property: http://www­­NR/rdonlyr­es/B9605D9­2-CEFB-48C­7-A2BA-57B­E501CE03D/­0/CBRE_KCC­O_ver3.swf
(We clicked both of these links and do not find any pages or any property. Our guess is that the owners of this property, like the owners of Pickfair Mansion before, have never heard of this man and have no intention of ever doing business with him.)

My ‘message’ to anyone ‘talking about’ this ‘issue’ – “You wanna just ‘talk about it’ – or do you wanna actually DO something constructi­ve & real, in the right way, for the right reasons, at the right location & with the right people?”
Michael Brittingha­m
GMT+1: +49-228-16­3-712-1334

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks for this blog. You saved my Mom. He targeted my Mom in church. He used the “I am designing golf courses for women” scam. He took her to a luncheon and really impressed her and took her to “his apartment”. I wonder whose apartment it really is. Any guy who tries talking to my Mom I look up and when I found this, I was angry this scum bag is trying to talk to my Mom yet grateful you shared this information. He called her the next day and invited her to lunch with him and some investors. I sent a picture to her friend and had her look him up and she showed everything to my Mom. When Mom saw it all, she recognized him immediately and was disappointed. It convinced her to end this before it even gets started. I am having my sweetheart who is a cop do a criminal background check on him as well. Thanks again, you provided a great service. God bless you.

  2. Hi Celia. Glad to hear from you. Thank you for your comment. I am Emailing you more photos of Michael Brittingham that I took of him in 2009, before he took on that Muslim identity. I can’t publish them but I can send them directly to individuals for purpose of identification. Your mother can share them privately with a warning to her friends. You and your mom would be doing a kindness to alert these other women “investors.” These photos have been submitted to police. Anyone is welcome to contact me for more information. Yes, he does have a criminal record, and yes, law enforcement is well aware of this man. It is only a matter of time before he is caught and ends up behind bars. He will be brought to justice. Celia, you were the one to save your mom, because you were smart and did the search. Good for you!

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